2-Days Countdown! “OZUGO” By Benjamin Yugo

2-Days Countdown to Release ! ” OZUGO ” By Benjamin Yugo

Benjamin Yugo is an urban contemporary gospel artist, Songwriter and Composer from Anambra State who will be launching his first Musical Single Ever on the 25th DECEMBER 2017 Titled ” OZUGO “.

His lyrical contents and music style were influenced by life experiences which proves the faithfulness of God,

His music journey has been quite an interesting one because ever since his childhood, he has been a member of different choirs and choral groups.

Being a graduate of Ten strings Music institute, Benjamin has written and recorded many songs that are yet to be released.

Benjamin Yugo is Currently Working On his Album which is soon to drop latest 2018 and with Much passion and motivation he is determined to express his deepest and heart filled love for God for the amazing gift of Singing..

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