7 best Nigerian album covers of year

While the sounds is still the major essential element of an album, but you can’t deny the role of album covers in ensuring that you make your decision to either buy or ignore a body of work.

While the cover art of albums have changed over the years with technology and improvement in our understanding of colours and how it affects art, the basics of it still means that people should relate a striking and symbolic album art to the music on display.

Ajebutter22 – “What Happens In Lagos”
Ajebutter22’s conceptual album art takes the win here for its descriptive symbolism of the project. The art shows a young Lagos boy in all his stages of life as he navigates the city in the hope of attaining success.

Olamide – “Lagos Nawa”
Baddo made an album for the masses of Lagos, aptly tagging it the ‘Wobe’ album. What else defines the Lagos populace better than it’s most famous means of transport – the Danfo buses. Olamide’s album art is the characteristic official colour of the mainland Danfo buses.

D’banj : “King Don Come”
An album about his legacy, D’banj went for symbolism on this one. Created by Nduka Abii, popularly known as Duks Arts, the project draws inspiration from the HBO hit TV series “Game Of Thrones.” The album art which was shared by the singer via social media showed the Nigerian superstar depicted as a medieval king. D’banj is sitting on a throne placed against the backdrop of a raging battle. He is dressed in kingly robes and jewelry, with animal fur draping his shoulder, and his famous DB gold chain on his neck.

Simi – “Simisola”
Simi is the girl next door. From her branding to everything else, she’s the relatable star, who is unashamed in her skin. Her debut album “Simisola” is all about her person, and at the core of that is that persona. She captures that essence in the music, and the album art.


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