Fela Anikulapo Kuti and his Kalakuta Queens, the Untold Story

We all know Fela, how much do you know of his queens?
Nigerian music legend, Fela Anikulapo Kuti is one whose efforts at political reformation has had great impacts.

Well known for using his craft to criticize and bring the ills of the government to the fore, Fela was highly respected. A man whose legacy is evergreen, idolised in life and long after death.

Sunday,the 10th of December 2017 had thespians gathered at Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, Lagos to tell the story of Fela and his Kalakuta Queens. The life of the music legend through a stage play was presented in a different light.

Directed by Bolanle Austen Peters, for the first time, the story of Fela’s queens, the Kalakuta queens was told.
Playing the role of Fela, Laitan Adeniji in a well ennacted manner, potrayed a perfect picture of Fela and life in Kalakuta.
From been assaulted and battered for staying with the legend, the queens, all found their ways to become Mrs. Fela.

The Kalakuta Yard
The Kalakuzu (Kalakuta prison), the Kalakondo, (Fela’s room), and many more were attractions of the play. Little did anyone know of the loyalty of the queens to their Fela, despite great disrepect from the public. Rapped and battered by the law, these queens stayed with their king till the end.

Who knew that the slight they got from the public led the legend to wifing them. Without my queens, there is no me he said as he declared that he was going to wife all twenty of them.

The rivalry between the queens was also one that could be described in no other way than amazing. Rivals today, friends tomorrow. As long as it is in the interest of their home, Kalakuta.

Two of the Kalakuta queens, Lara and Laide were present and spoke fondly of their king. They were there to confirm the story.
According to the director, the story was gotten from the Kuti family thus, all information was first hand. One of the late singer’s band memebers was also present at the event.


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