I am a Man, Woman Was First Created For My Sake

I’m a MAN

Yes,I am man, woman was First created for my sake,she was made cause I was in need,desolate and lonely,God created her to brighten my life.Men are solely incomplete without a woman

The mother

Who can deny the importance of a woman as a mother, who bears all the pain and gives birth to you and me, the individuals who grow up under the encapsulation of her care, her love, her sacrifice and her dedication.
The love of a mother for her child can’t be compared to anything in this world.In the Indian Culture, a mother is treated as a God and comes the foremost in the priority list of worship. Everyone knows the phrase “Matrudevo bhava.” This phrase means the mother is equivalent to God. And why not ? Will anyone deny the role our mother’s plays in grooming us up? I don’t think so !!

The sister

Whoever has a sister will definitely understand the role a sister plays in our life. A sister is the best emotional support for you as a bachelor. I have experienced throughout my life how strong and caring a sister is. In Indian culture, a sister plays a very important role in our life and that’s why we have festivals like “Raksha Bandhan” and “Bhau Beej” which highlight the special bond of relation between a brother and sister.
What a sister expects from her brother is just a protective relation where she can feel secure and what does she give in return ?… lots of love and mature thoughts, which are really invaluable!. Having a sister in ones family is really a boon …. a boon which I have and am lucky to have !!

The life-partner

The role of a woman as a life-partner is completely different from the earlier roles !.
All those lucky to have girlfriends or are married (if they think the way I think) may have experienced the difference between the earlier roles and this one.

As a life-partner, the woman is totally different. She wants her man to be someone she can be proud of. She idolizes her man and wants him to be her “soulmate”! As a partner, the woman symbolizes her inner strength which overrides her beauty and her passion.
She is always there for her man when he needs her and has the immense ability to switch on and off into different roles. I have seen from the experiences of my friends and my relatives, how a woman, though playing the role of a life partner can easily be a mother, a sister a friend for her partner when time demands a shift in her roles!

The daughter

As a daughter, the woman is the greatest support for her parents, as she is always ready to sacrifice for the benefit of the family.
A daughter is an asset to the family as very often do we see her sharing the responsibilities equally with the mother and father.
A daughter has an essence of motherhood too in her natural instincts and so in the absence of the mother, is the substitute mother for the entire family !(Remember the days when mom is ill….. who replaces her efficiently ???? Of course it’s her daughter!!
No wonder why daughters are favorites of Fathers !!!
Despite all the features a woman exhibits, there are so many untold truths a man must know before going to alter with a woman
A man must be fully prepared
1; mentally
Before saying I do to this beautiful damsel that was carefully made by God.


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